The Team

Our Vision

Team ASTRA is a student team based at the Politecnico di Torino in Turin, Italy. Founded in 2022 by a group of Aerospace Engineering students, the team's objective is to develop concept designs for a self-sustaining and autonomous lunar base. The team long term focus on the colonization of space requires interdisciplinary collaboration and a broad range of studies.


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Systemic Analysis

The focus of Systemic Analysis is the study of each of the components to be developed during production and throughout the year. The ultimate objective is being able to build and integrate them in the most effective way possible and develop new engineering solutions for any issue that arise.


Our Prototyping section aims to turn ideas into tangible form. A continuous iteration process is an essential aspect of the Team operations as it allows to refine and validate our designs.


The Mechatronics section is responsible for sensors management, electronics and computer science implementation for the rover, and it makes sure all the parts act in harmony as intended.


The Simulation section aims to create a dynamic system for each project. The development of rover models and design process is improved through the analysis Movement System simulations.


The Communication section endeavours to provide sponsorship for our team both within and outside the University, cultivate partnerships, and promote our activities.

Team supervisors

Thomas Binetti Team Leader

SA - Systemic Analysis

PROT - Prototyping

MT - Mechatronics

SIM - Simulation

COM - Comunication